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Casual Sketch was co-created by Leanne Linsky in July 2007. It started as a monthly open mic for sketch comedy at Magnet Theater in New York. Her comedy partner turned over the mic to her just a few months later, and as the years went on, it evolved into a bi-monthly platform for character monologues, storytelling, and eventually, became a popular place for stand up comedy in New York.

In November 2011, the mic became a weekly event and moved to Identity Bar in the East Village where it stayed there until Identity Bar's unexpected closure in November 2013. A month later, both M.White Bar (thank you Stephen Thorne!) welcomed Casual with open arms. Dixon Place Lounge also extended an offer and we decided to give both a try. 

We temporarily hosted Causal Sketch at Dixon Place and produced a brand new show, Casual Showcase at M.White Bar. The M.White Bar turned out to be a great success, and we decided to bring the mic there too. Now it's an entire night of comedy at one place.

Sooo... Casual Showcase and Casual Sketch are both at M.White Bar! Woohoo!

And since everything else was changing, Leanne went ahead and created this new website and blog in 2013.

Casual Sketch and
Casual Showcase at
​M.White Bar!


Casual Sketch & Casual Showcase will be at the M.White Bar, 448 E. 13th Street. Both events: No cover. One drink minimum.


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Casual Showcase Premiered! January 20, 2014


We started the year off with a brand new weekly show. You can catch it every Monday night at M.White Bar!


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