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Casual Comedy is a free weekly stand up show in Long Beach, California.

Casual Comedy actually began as Casual Sketch in 2007 at Magnet Theater in New York. Casual Sketch was a monthly open mic for sketch comedy and gradually evolved into a place for improvisors and writers to experiment with character monologues and storytelling. Eventually, comics arrived on the scene and stand up took over. 


In 2012 (or maybe it was 2013), Casual moved to New York's East Village and made it's new home in the basement of Identity Bar. With a regular group of comics and a sprinkling of magicians, it took on a new life. After the unexpected closing of Identity Bar in 2013, Casual moved again. 


A few blocks away, M White Bar welcomed the mic with open arms and offered an additional time slot for a booked show. Casual Showcase was born.  

Six months later Casa Humo invited Casual to the Lower East Side to entertain at their intimate tapas bar and restaurant - a wonderfully intimate setting for comedy in New York. 


At the end of 2014, it's co-founder and host, Leanne Linsky, moved to Long Beach, CA., and the rest, my friends, is yet to unfold.

Thanks to our sponsors we have fantastic prizes to raffle each and every week! Drawings take place at the show.

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